You exercise. You eat healthy foods. But you still have pockets of stubborn fat or unsightly cellulite no matter what you do.

In the age of social media where so many of our life events and celebrations are constantly being scrutinized and documented by others, we can become self -conscious about our appearance to an inhibiting degree.

Sometimes, because of our  embarrassment we limit our activities and even the way we respond to our love lives.

With modern innovations in body sculpting, such as fat freezing and various laser based therapies, we no longer have to suffer that which we can’t change through our own efforts.  Neither do we need to subject ourselves to expensive and potentially dangerous surgical solutions since non-surgical therapies are continually being improved to broaden and enhance their range of effectiveness.

We welcome you to come in for a complimentary consultation with Doctor Bonnie Vulich, who will address your concerns in a non-judgmental and receptive environment. Doctor Vulich will happily explain the range of options and possible combinations of therapies which will yield the most desirable non- surgical alternatives to combat your problem areas.

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