Rejuvenating Your Neck, Chin and Jawline Non-Surgically

A strong chiseled jawline is a sign of good health and youth in both men and women. However, as we age the loss of muscle tone and thinning skin gives the face a flabby or drooping appearance. Additionally, loss of bone mass in the jaw reduces the size of the lower face and makes the… Read More

Preparing for Your Summer Wedding

Prepare for your summer wedding at Chicago’s Refine Medical Spa at 233 E. Erie. We offer noninvasive fat reduction, facial fillers, skin tightening, Botox, hair removal, hair restoration, teeth whitening, facials, peels, vaginal rejuvenation, and many other services to get you ready for the big day. Read More

Remaining Youthful from the Inside Out

Dr. Bonnie Vulich is a doctor of osteopathic medicine, meaning she had the same training as an MD, with one exception. She examines your entire body as a whole, not just as symptoms arising from disparate and unrelated parts. As she completed a fellowship in anti-ageing medicine, she is qualified to recommend a whole body approach to healing from the inside out with the right blend of therapies, nutrition, and supplements that are unique to you and your needs, and to help you remain youthful from the inside out. Read More