Time passes so quickly and summer is upon us before we know it. We look down and realize that we’re not prepared for revealing clothes or the events we have been invited to over the summer. We begin to panic. Our advice is not to worry! Refine Medical Spa in Chicago has a ton of beauty hacks that are guaranteed to get you to your personal best this summer.


CoolSculpting is a procedure whereby fat is frozen. An applicator ( we have large, medium and small) is attached to the area. Carefully regulated cooling plates to bring fat cells down to a temperature at which they are irreversibly damaged. The cells are excreted by the body as waste products. The procedure takes about 30 minutes and results can bee seen in as little as three weeks, although full results usually manifest in three months. Please click on the link to read more.


Cellulite Reduction

Dr. Bonnie Vulich uses Venus Legacy to reduce cellulite non -surgically. Venus Legacy’s multi-polar radio frequency and pulsed magnetic fields create a therapeutic heat matrix over the skin. This causes a thermal reaction under the tissue that stimulates the body’s natural healing response, increasing blood circulation and skin contraction.The results are a reduction of cellulite, noticeable tightening of the skin, and  a decrease in localized fat deposits. The treated area will immediately look smoother and firmer. Treatments last 30-40 minutes. Six to ten sessions are recommended for best results. The procedure is painless and there is no downtime. Please click on the link to read more.

Effective Cellulite Treatments

Fire & Ice

As we get older, our skin loses much of its former elasticity. After CoolSculpting, Dr. Vulich uses Venus Legacy to tighten and tone lax skin for a smooth, youthful appearance. Please click on the link to read more.

Non-Surgical Body Contouring with Fire and Ice Body Treatments

Dermal Filler

Dermal fillers, such as the Juvederm family, instantly restore volume to the face for a youthful appearance. Cheekbones are discreetly filled in to restore their shape, thus lifting sagging skin. Naso-labial folds, a tell tell giveaway of age are filled in as are deep wrinkles. Lip shape volume can be enhanced or restored with Juvederm Volbella. We use a topical anesthetic on your skin to numb it for a painless experience. Please click on the link to read more.



Botox relaxes muscles and erases lines on the forehead as well as crow’s feet. It takes three days to see results and up to three weeks to see the full benefit. Dr. Vulich numbs the area with topical anesthetic for a pain free experience. Please click on the link to read more.

The Many Uses of Botox

Foot Renewals

Silk peel is a fantastic skin treatment for dry, cracked feet. Silkpeel Dermalinfusion or hydrodermabrasion skin treatments combine non-invasive exfoliation with the infusion of skin-specific topical solutions to improve and revitalize the skin. An advanced form of microdermabrasion, Silkpeel does not utilize crystal based technology. Please click on the link to read more about SilkPeel.

Silk Peel

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is painless, fast and much more convenient than shaving, waxing, or electrolysis. Beloved by men and women, Refine Medical Spa treats intimate areas as well as legs, backs, faces, chests, bikini lines and any where else where you have unsightly hair growth. Please click on the link to read more.

Permanent Hair Removal

Hydrating Facials

From Aqua Gold to PRP to IPL Photofacials to Silk Peel, we are sure that we offer the right treatment for your face and body to keep your skin in the best shape possible. Please take a look at all of our treatments by clicking on the link to read more.

Facial Treatments

 Facial Peels

chemical peel is a technique used to improve the appearance of the skin on the face, neck or hands. A chemical solution is applied to the skin that causes it to exfoliate and eventually peel. The new, regenerated skin will be smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin. We also feature the all natural Green Peel and Silk Peel.

Green Peel

Silk Peel

We hope that this has been a helpful guide to summer beauty hacks and we wish you the best summer ever!