Congratulations, you’ve made it past H.R. to the first round of interviews. Your resume is impressive; you’ve upgraded your skills and added new ones consistently, and you’re no slouch when it comes to mastering computer technology.

You know there are two or three other candidates for the position, yet you still feel that you have a great chance-after all you are at the top of your game –you’ve mastered your ego, and you don’t get fazed by office politics or engage in petty personal vendettas. You’ve got your powerful body language, your firm handshake, and your eye contact down pat. You ask the right questions, and your answers are fluid and intelligent.

You wait for that call- and then, nothing. What gives?

Here’s the real truth. People make up their minds about you within seconds. They base their opinion on your body language and facial characteristics. Traits like likeability, trustworthiness, and competence are determined solely by a fleeting impression. Sadly, that impression, according to several psychological studies, and not your skills, is the deciding factor to whether or not you will be hired.

Sadly, our society discriminates heavily against older women. For some reason, we are seen as less attractive and less desirable than younger women or men our age, despite the fact that we are at our best, our wisest, and our most competent.

So what can we do to sell ourselves? We’ve all seen the blissed out whippet slender grey haired yogini in fabulous over fifty advertising. I can guarantee that those women have husbands who manage hedge funds-thus their level of contentment. Forget the grey hair, you’ve got to color it and get a chic youthful cut. The second thing you must do is to remain in shape. Nothing says mumsy or post-menopause more than a few extra pounds. How are you going to do this-especially when you are stressed and don’t have perfect control over your adrenals and thyroid gland? To keep from packing on the pounds, you are going to have to take some serious steps. First, stop drinking coffee or caffeinated beverages. Nothing will over stimulate your already taxed adrenal glands more. Secondly, cut out booze. Ouch, I know it hurts! We love our glass –ok, goblet, of wine in the evenings.  However, it’s too sugary and it inhibits the fat burning process. Three, cut down on carbs. Let’s face it, you’re not a triathlete, and your body can’t burn those useless calories anymore. Get rid of grains, and especially gluten. Yeah, it’s too trendy for words-but so what? Sugar too, no more of those comforting sweet treats. Cut down on nuts ( four are healthy,  forty are overkill)  and eliminate dairy. So what are you left with? Primarily vegetables, fish, and grass fed meats. Boring, it’s true, but you will look and feel better. Knock those pounds off, and later you can reintroduce an occasional treat. Learn about vitamins and supplements and purchase only quality brands that will support your body.

For now, forget the gym and get out and walk in nature, the park, or by the lake. Nature is the greatest de-stressor available. Later you can add weights for shape and other sports for fun.

Lastly, you have to learn to control your negative thoughts. Whether or not you believe in new thought-i.e: that thoughts shape our reality-you can certainly raise your happiness vibe by focusing on the positive things in your life and doing what makes you happy. There is nothing worse for your health and outlook and the energy you are giving out than to be stuck in fear and despair.

There are tons of free guided mediation videos, along with tapping, and talks on new thought on YouTube to help you learn those skills.

Now that you have your body and mind on track, we turn to your face. I can anticipate your thoughts already-you’re a feminist and you have utter contempt for the desperate wives of Beverly Hills. You’d never get a facelift, or two, like Jane Fonda, Diane Sawyer or Barbara Walters, and you’d never be caught dead with those giant duck lips, either. Well, you don’t have to. A skilled doctor can restore lost volume to your face with injectable fillers. Shot into your cheekbones, your sagging face is lifted in a matter of minutes-no more jowls!  Deposited into your marionette lines-ten years are instantaneously reversed. The sockets under your eyes that have gotten hollower with age are another great place where dermal fillers prove their efficaciousness.

Botox lifts your forehead and eliminates the lines on it, softens your crow’s feet and is the most marvelous antidote to the formation of migraines.

CoolSculpt Mini melts away double chins, creating a more youthful and chiseled appearance, while facials and cutting edge peels restore a smooth, plumped appearance to skin and eliminate dark spots, acne, and rosacea.

It would be lovely if we loved in a world that was fair and equitable, but we don’t, unfortunately. You can give yourself an edge over the competition by looking more youthful and beautiful. That, in itself, works wonders for your confidence levels-and that always attracts people and, consequently opportunities, to you.


In the following weeks, we will examine different therapies for the body and face and the benefits of each. Join us!